Car Wash Services

Bring your vehicle to see Mr. Spotless Carwash and discover for yourself why we have a reputation for excellence. We understand that when you’re on-the-go, more choices for how you wanted your car cleaned means time saved. Whether you’re just passing by or have time to spend, try our range of services to see why our customers always drive off satisfied and squeaky clean.



Mr. Spotless Carwash has 4 easily accessible self-serve stations where you can get your vehicle clean, your way. You are welcome to clean at your own pace to get that perfect polished look that comes with a good scrub and rinse.


Automatic Touchless Wash

It’s never been easier to make your vehicle look like it just left the dealership! Try one of our 2 totally automated and touchless wash stations for a deep clean that leaves your vehicle drying with a sparkle.


Express Tunnel

Have a busy schedule? Stop by and save precious time and use our new, fully equipped express tunnel for a thorough clean that gives Mr. Spotless Carwash its name! Sit back, relax, and let us give your car the superior shine that tells everyone you’ve been to see Mr. Spotless.

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Have a question about our facility or our services? Contact us via our web form or call us at 859-441-5345 today!

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